Melbourne’s hydraulic lifts

Original post 30 April 2020

Love this image taken in the 1950s for a history iof #JohnsAndWaygood (written by #GeoffreyBlainey) which shows an Edwardian era lift complete with lift operator and seat – many of the earliest lifts in Melbs and Syd were operated by #hydraulicpower, which pushed the lift up slowly, hence the seat. The power came from a a city-wide pressurised water system (eg the #MelbourneHydraulicPowerCo), pushing the ‘safety lifts’ up to 10 floors. This system underpinned the crop of #VictorianSkyscrapers built in Melbs 1889-91.

Repost 2014: In George Parade off Collins Street -two #coverplates for the #hydraulicpower company survive. One for the company, and one I think for the later City of Melb department.

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