Napier Waller Mural, T&G building, 1928

Original post 2 May 2020

I was looking for something nice to post, but I found this instead, which still makes me mad – this great 1928 mural (actually an oil painting) by #NapierWaller graces/d the vestibule of the grand #TandGbuilding in #CollinsStreet, and was open to the street for everyone to enjoy – but in 2018 they somehow got a permit to turn that area into shop, and plonk display cases on the boundary, so now you have to look hard to see it, and there’s lights in the way. I never did get a satisfactory answer from the @cityofmelbourne how that happened, except maybe it was cod it was an ‘interior’ (which it’s not) and so heritage listing didn’t apply. 🙄 Hardly any fuss at the time from memory either, lost in the unbridled joy of having a new Versace store.

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