St Pauls Chapter House, 1889-91

Original post 16 May 2020

Photos 9 October 2019

If this was anywhere else we’d admire it a lot more, but the #StPaulsCathedralMelbourne #ChapterHouse is a bit dominated by everything around it, and it faces south in a carpark (honestly please give the archbishop a carpark somewhere else ! Turn it into a park !). The Chapter House and offices were added to the design in 1889, 10 years after the Cathedral was started, and quite differently to #Butterfield’s original plan – he had it on the Swanston St side ! – and finished at the same time, in 1891. It was designed by #JosephReedArchitect who had taken over the cathedral project after #WilliamButterfield resigned in 1884 because… he got too annoyed by trying to stay in control by letters from London. Matches perfectly though. Reed died 1890 but he was working up to the last few months, so must be his design.

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