St Kilda Park State School, 1882

Original post 10 June 2020

#StKildaParkPrimarySchool, possibly the most compactly vertical of the many late 19thC #primaryschools built in Victoria after the ‘free and compulsory’ 1872 Education Act. All the schools were #GothicRevival, mostly in #polychromebrick, getting more elaborate into the 1880s, by which time they’re all said to be designed by #HenryBastow, chief architect of the education department (though many might be by others in the department, and they all combine various elements of the many designs that won a big competition in 1872). The huge first floor #gothicwindow is the dominating feature here, though originally the tower was more prominent, it’s roof is now lower, and there’s trees and the bowls club in the way. Great to see all the Gothic #pointedarch windows are intact – many were replaced with larger square widows around WW1 – these ones just had the sills lowered.

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