Gas & Fuel all over again !

Original post 16 June 2020

Would you believe the State Government is selling a site on Flinders Street that would result in the #GasAndFuelBuilding Mk 2 ?

Having demolished one of Melbourne’s biggest planning mistakes in 1996, the sale of the strip of railway land at the other end on Spring Street with only the basic CBD zoning is likely to result in something even more wall-like, being a whole block long and about 25 floors instead of 16. It’s already gone to tender (!), before the all-in-one enabling planning amendment has even been approved (its over already), and the City of Melbourne isn’t part of the process; instead they’ve have written to the Minster to object and ask for better planning for the site.

Here’s a great opinion article in The Age by urban historian James Lesh, pointing out the similarities between this and the Gas & Fuel, both in how they happened, and how they fail to address the civic qualities of the space between Flinders Street and the river.

Id like to stop this happening, but hard to know how – the only thing to do is write to Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning, and cc the Lord Mayor Sally Capp, like I have. You can find the planning docs here.

I have of course done my own plan for the site 😬, but taking in the railway lines too, like it should, with plenty of open space joining up all the parklands. I’ve put a single very tall tower in because that might pay for everything, but really can’t we find a few hundred mill to cover the tracks, once and for all ? That or nothing I say.

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