Port Melbourne Post Office (1862), Drill Hall (1911), and Court House (1860)

Original post 10 July 2020

Photos 7 July

The old #PortMelbournePostOffice was built in 1862, and apparently designed by the famous #JJClark ! It has an almost twin in Kilmore, but in bluestone, and less altered – but I do like the pale brickwork here, pretty rare for this early date (perhaps imitating London brick?) – and with details in two other colours it’s a very early example of #polychromebrick, though not the same kind as the later patterned brickwork. It’s stopped being a post office in 1911 when it became offices for the newly formed Australian Navy, attached to the new #drillhall next door. I see both were adapted for Albert Park College in 2016, I wish maybe the PO could have been restored a bit more, it somehow looks drab.

The #PortMelbourneDrillHall was built in 1911 for the then new Australian Navy as their first purpose built facility (near a port but not actual ships or anything). Designed by #JSMurdoch, the Comm Govt architect, who was pretty busy at this time. It’s a bit severe, with only a hint of the restrained Georgian that would soon become his hallmark. Now part of Albert Park College.

(not my photo) but Ithought I’d post the old #PortMelbourneCourtHouse because it’s a style companion to the nearby Post Office I just posted, probably because it’s also #JJClark, and actually built just before, in 1860. Slightly more elaborate and formal, suitable for a court house. Also three colours of brick, so polychrome is even earlier than I thought ! Curiously the bricks are kind of pale grey; brick colours depended in the clay, so I guess they varied a lot in the early days. I always thought this was a garden centre, since completely surrounded by planting, but actually it’s a restaurant, prob since at least 1999.

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