ABC studios, Elsternwick, 1993, to be replaced.

Original post 5 October 2020

Photos August 2018

The old #ABCstudios in Selwyn Street #Elsternwick that’s proposed to be demolished is a rather quirky bit of #postmodernism, by @armarchitecture, 1993 – channeling 60s brown brick factories, either side of a 50s style one (or maybe that part is an old factory). The proposal is rather huge, though there are two things nearby just as tall, in this case there’s 2 of them on one block, but on the other other hand it’s right near #ElsternwickRailwayStation. It’s perfectly understandable that the locals are opposed, any thing that’s so big in an area that’s mainly 1 and 2 storeys, and facing a street of old houses, is going to look somehow just wrong, but I don’t think traffic is really the issue every one always thinks it will be. But on the other other other hand 4 or 5 storeys would be fine. Then the old #ElsternwickFireStation wouldn’t be quite so dominated.

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