Victorian house on Fitzroy Street, saved (30 years ago)

Original post 21 July 2020

Photos 29 June

Perfectly nice if not outstanding Victorian house in #FitzroyStreetStKilda, but the interesting thing is it was abandoned in the 80s/early 90s, the owner sitting on it hoping for some #demolitionbyneglect, but before it got to that point the then #StKildaCouncil passed a local law about deliberate dilapidation, and voila it was fixed up.

The subsequent #CityOfPortPhillip however did not continue with it after 1994…or maybe they did, there is a section on #dilapidation in the 2013 local laws, not about heritage per se, but they can require an owner to fix and repair any building unoccupied building deemed dilapidated or unsightly.

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