Modernist Chapel, Kostka Hall, Brighton, 1967

Original post 23 July 2020

Deserve to preserve ? This is the chapel at #KostkaHall, Xavier’s junior school in #Brighton that they’ve just said they’re closing. It was built in 1966-7, designed by prolific church architect #AlanGRobertson, one of the few circular churches/chapels in Vic, nice spire thing, but prob the best part is the #stationsofthecross #stainedglass windows by #AlanSumner, Australia’s premier early post war glass artist. The chapel was renovated in 2012, removing the breeze block walls not very elegantly, and plastering the internal sanctuary walls,but otherwise looks intact. Not #heritagelisted (Bayside!) but the house next to it is, but if the site is carved up for houses, going to be hard to fight for it ! But perhaps a religious school will but it ?

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