Mr Fletcher’s boarding house, Port Melbourne

Original post 24 July 2020

Photos 15 July

Unusual – looks like what was maybe a pair of Victorian houses or an usually wide one, executed in nice #polychromebrick, that got fine over if day in the 30s, with a new stylish entry, but leaving the bricks mostly untouched. It may have been a private hotel, because later it was a #roominghouse, but a nice one, owned by a Mr Fletcher, who bought it because some of his wife’s family lived there. In the early 80s when he was in his 80s he sold it to the #MinistryofHousing, who did it up as 14 rooms with a big kitchen, reopening for needy #PortMelbourne residents in 1985. That info comes from the website of the South Port Group, social housing providers, who have 14 properties in the area with 270 units.

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