Grand Terraces, Dalgety Street, St Kilda, 1857

Original post 30 July 2020

There’s these grand terraces across the road from my place, with huge front gardens, and I’m a bit surprised to learn they’re 1858 ! And called Lansdowne Terrace. With original timber verandahs ! There’s three, but there were 6 ☹️. The end one sold for $4.2 mill in 2010; its 15 rooms and large gardens had been extensively renovated by John and Suzanne Playfoot over 12 years, with Murano glass chandeliers, Art Deco objects, a large collection of design books, and a Wharhol and a Streeton to boot. How the other half lives- and were all squashed together here in StKilda, there’s a block of studio flats opposite them where some elderly single men who look like they’ve had a hard life live.

Another possibly very early #grandterrace in my street, one of a pair, though the other has a different possibly recent ‘colonial’ balustrade. No’s 5&7.

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