Abandoned ! Colonial Bank Hotel, Little Collins Street

First posted this in 2014 (!), hasn’t changed a bit ! Here’s what I said in 2018 : #LittleCollinStreet, just off Elizabeth St, I think the only building in the #melbcbd that’s still #abandoned above the ground floor (in the last 15 years all the others have become flats). Built as the #colonialbankhotel in 1892, designed by #hyndmanandbates with #smithandjohnson. Very similar in its #queenannestyle to the fantastic #cityofmelbournebuilding next door, but presumably just a coincidence.
Later called the #HotelBarclay, probably the rooms above unused since the 70s, and ground floor converted from a #pub to shops in the early 80s.

Apparently 3 ft of #pigeonpoo in every room….I can’t imagine why it hasn’t collapsed into the shops below ! In 2007 it was owned by the Bursztyn family ‘of Toorak’, who probably still do – oh, and they also the #cityofmelbournebuilding next door – and #BalcombePlace between is on their title !

Update July 2021 :

I posted this earlier this year but today’s im quoted in @theageaustralia about it, focussing on the fact it’s been #abandonedabovethegroundfloor since the 70s probably. Not a big deal imho as long as it’s not falling apart- I’ve previously been told that the upper floors are full of pigeon poo, which, um well, I’d hate to be in one of the shops below. It’s owned by the Bursztyn family from Toorak, who bought it in 1975 for $1m. You can read the article here.

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