Saving the Olderfleet, 1970s

A horrifying might have been – a scheme from the mid 70s I think, amongst a bunch of images I’ve got from the files of the @nationaltrustvic – the saving of the Rialto and #Olderfleet buildings group happened by stages, with many skirmishes, including the demolition of the rear wings of the Olderfleet by then owner National Mutual in the mid 70s ? I don’t have exact dates. The photos were scanned for an exhibition in 2010 the Trust did called Loved & Lost, which was a quick overview, not blow by blow, of many of the major battles. The Trust’s files are very fat with many newspaper clippings, photos etc. You can see it took a while for the Trust to appreciate these #HighVictorian buildings, grading the Olderfleet as ‘E’ initially! The office building eventually built behind the Olderfleet group in 1985 has itself just been replaced.

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