Roy Grounds House and flats, Toorak, 1953

Repost from this day in 2019 (but I took the photos the previous winter)- this is what I said then : #SirRoyGrounds own house, Hill Street, #Toorak, 1953; didn’t realise it was so unassuming. Bold plan that’s too inward looking for me, and wedded to geometry – square plan with all rooms looking into a central circular #courtyard, big enough to be sunny in the lounge room. And yes he reused this parti, blank wall, central door, highlight window and projecting roof for the #NationalGalleryofVictoria design 6 years later. The house includes 4 units attached down the back, all facing north through huge two-storey windows, what a great idea ! The Medal that says 1954 but was actually awarded in 1964, the only retrospective one when they restarted (hmmm maybe because his profile was super-high by then, doing the gallery ?).

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