Celtic Club facadism – not a building, and not the club anymore.

The #celticclub facade job has come out looking rather peculiar, which won’t be improved much by any greenery, and I suppose isn’t a surprise – the original architecture is so solid, with the tower just sprouting out and the detailing rather thin. It was built as the West Bourke Hotel in 1876 (top floor 1920s), and was home to the Celtic Club from the 1959 to 2017; they sold on the basis of moving back in, but that deal fell over last year. Photos : 1. The Age via @balance_architect, 2. Developers rendering, 3. My photo, 4. Skyscraper City. Last image from ghost signs Melbourne Facebook, revealed under later sign- it would have said West Bourke Pty Ltd, the name of the licensee in the 20s.

A freind sent me this – the #CelticClubMelbourne tower looks like a rendering ! Though not like the original rendering. A controversial permit from our old pal #MathewGuy way back in 2012 (looked quite different then though) while the proposed #heritagelisting of the 1876 pub was also on his desk, not that it would have made any difference. At least tower and facades look like separate projects, and just kind of bump into each other. But basically should never have happened.

Club management hoped to get $millions and move back here into new spaces, but the idea split the club membership, nearly didn’t happen, but then did, and finally in may 2020 the deal with the developers fell through so they’re left in their temporary home in a pub in North Melbourne rather than the CBD.

Inspired by but not much like Norman Foster’s Hearst Tower in NY.

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