Completely new old in Hawthorn

14-16 Isabella Grove, Hawthorn, which I posted this day in 2019 when the ‘Victorian’ stair was up for sale due to big renovations by a new owner – but it seems the stair was/is 1990s (unless from some other Victorian house), because even though it was billed as an original house in the #StJamesParkEstate dating from 1898, it’s more like 1998. Thats why it’s not #heritagelisted at all – when they did the listings the house had been transformed into a block of flats (or replaced?). Then it was restored (or built from scratch), reportedly using the original plans, though not exactly, because the 1896 #BoardOfWorks plan shows it was a pair of houses, not one house, and no indication of towers. They don’t seem to have tried too hard with the interiors, rather plain if they were going for Victoriana. Currently undergoing the renovation.

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