A mansion in Richmond, Elim on Erin Street, 1889

Repost from this day in 2019:

Even Richmond has some #VictorianMansions, on the hill closest to the city of course – this one is called Elim “formerly called #Yooralbyn, built in 1889 for William Harper, a partner in a leading Melbourne merchant and manufacturing firm.” Then it was maybe a boarding house, I think the north ring was built c1915, then used by the Army in WW2, then nurses home for Bethesda, later absorbed by the #EpworthHospital, now used as their rehab centre, and quite intact !

I got to see it because my godmother Val said ‘you must have a look’ and she was right ! Not just any old staircase. In fact the largest room in the house.

Repost from this day 2019: Erin mansion, 1889, Richmond, now the Epworth rehab – lots of great plasterwork and even a couple of original overmantles !

Repost from this day in 2019 : Fabbo #StainedGlassWindow in the 1889 #ErinStreetRichmond #mansion called #Elim, now the Epworth’s occ therapy centre. Like other domestic windows Ive looked at lately it features birds and fruit, maybe #pomegranites ? while the one over the front door has a sail boat and I think oranges, a symbol of wealth (which the Victorians thought was fine to celebrate, really not so different from building a ginormous house in the first place when you think about it).

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