A mansion in Richmond, Elim on Erin Street, 1889

Repost from this day in 2019:

Even Richmond has some #VictorianMansions, on the hill closest to the city of course – this one is called Elim “formerly called #Yooralbyn, built in 1889 for William Harper, a partner in a leading Melbourne merchant and manufacturing firm.” Then it was maybe a boarding house, I think the north ring was built c1915, then used by the Army in WW2, then nurses home for Bethesda, later absorbed by the #EpworthHospital, now used as their rehab centre, and quite intact !

I got to see it because my godmother Val said ‘you must have a look’ and she was right ! Not just any old staircase. In fact the largest room in the house.

Repost from this day 2019: Erin mansion, 1889, Richmond, now the Epworth rehab – lots of great plasterwork and even a couple of original overmantles !

Repost from this day in 2019 : Fabbo #StainedGlassWindow in the 1889 #ErinStreetRichmond #mansion called #Elim, now the Epworth’s occ therapy centre. Like other domestic windows Ive looked at lately it features birds and fruit, maybe #pomegranites ? while the one over the front door has a sail boat and I think oranges, a symbol of wealth (which the Victorians thought was fine to celebrate, really not so different from building a ginormous house in the first place when you think about it).

4 thoughts on “A mansion in Richmond, Elim on Erin Street, 1889

  1. 1917, believe James Robertson, originally from Struan Station, Naracoorte lived there. Check the WW1 records for his son, John Clive Robertson. His address is spelt Kooralbyn but is most likely Yooralbyn, Erin St Richmond
    Robertson left Naracoorte in 1914, May to go to Melbourne. I have more on him if interested.


  2. My aunt lived in there in 1936 when it was known as Kooralbyn Guesthouse (not Yooralbyn as stated elsewhere)
    This ad appeared in the Argus in 1934, ‘35 & ‘36:
    KOORALBYN – A Mansion Guest House with a country atmosphere few min from town. Why make your home in city or on noisy suburban tram lines? Inspect at this beautiful Home before deciding elsewhere. Lovely gardens, lawns, 2 tennis courts garages, unsurpassed cuisine, permanent casuals 29 Erin street near cor Wellington pde and Hoddle st East Melbourne 1067 1274


  3. My mother lived at “Elim” when she was doing nursing training at Bethesda Hospital c. 1942 – 1945. In the 1960’s, the Salvation Army had an annual children’s Christmas party/reunion for nurses who had trained at Bethesda. I have vivid memories of Elim’s magnificent staircase (carpeted in red in those days), and the front verandah, with its intricate mosaic tiling (some of which was lifting). A magic place.

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