Lost, but not completely

Repost this day 2018:

Some more #LostMelbourne, but partially rescued too – These #atlantes once held up the 1880 #colonialbank #doorway, now an entry to the 1972 #Melbourneuniversity #undergroundcarpark. The #ColonialBankofAustralasia head office was one of the grand 19thC City banks, built 1880, cnr of Elizabeth Street and #littlecollinsstreet, oddly not amongst the grand banks of #collinsstreet, but facing towards them, and made up for it with very elaborate design by the prolific architects #smithandjohnson. Image 2 is only photo I could find, from 1918. The bank was absorbed by the NAB, so they sold the building, and a rather innocuous small 30s building replaced it, #HoddleHouse.
The elaborate entry was donated to #Melbourneuniversity, but sadly not the carving on top. First used as entry to an existing faculty, then that was dem in the early 70s when the carpark was being planned, so here it is. Main image Wikipedia, bank image State Library Vic., then one from Early Melbourne Architecture showing first setting at melb uni, last one mine.

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