Facadism, and an unintentional pair of towers, and a new laneway

Another partial victory, repost this day 2019:

All that’s left of #BurtonsLivery (1868, top floor 1887) is the facade, and 2m of side wall. Annoys me that by keeping and exposing the bit of side wall there’s a ‘three dimensional appearance’ which meets the letter of the anti-facadism clause but not the spirit. Nice there’s a painted sign, which must be pre1915, when the now demolished red brick thing next door was built. This facade is a #heritagecompromise, given the livery building (which had a nice timber truss roof with lantern) wasn’t #hetitagelisted, thanks to former Lord Mayor #RobertDoyle who voted it down in 2011, meaning it’s twin 2 doors down was dem (then curiously he apparently worked behind the scenes to preserve this remaining facade in 2015 !). The student housing tower ‘#Atira’, by @hayball_arch had a setback exactly where the facade is, as if they expected to keep it, maybe, cos it works quite well with the arches opened up as an entry to the #pedestrianwalkway, which links right through the block.

One of the crazier things to happen in #MelbourneTown; a pair of huge narrow towers that sort of lean into each other, a result of the right one, ‘Trillium’, getting a permit during the free for all years, so almost no setbacks on any side, and 4 years later the left one taking advantage of a larger site and the new ‘you can build up to a blank wall’ rule. I quite like the new one, by #HayballArchitects, I mean the facade pattern, not happy with the shopfront though. Much better than the terrible #TrilliumApartments, first design by elenberg_fraser was wacky, terrible ground level, but then all the fun bits disappeared when the developer gave it to another architect, @buchangroup, after approval ☹️

And behind it, there’s a new #MelbourneLaneway, or rather an extended one, and it’s partly under a tower, but nice to have, though given it’s got 4 giant towers on all sides and it runs north-south there’s a bit of a wind issue. It runs from #MacKenzieStreet via #BellPlace (unfortunately it’s all car entries) then through to #LatrobeStreet past/under the just finished #Atira #studentHousing (@hayball_arch) which should supply plenty of custom to the food shops that will inevitably occupy the two teeny-weeny cafe spaces in there. it would have been much better done if it was planne from the start but instead the link was the last project approved, that’s the way it goes I guess, and shows how fast things have changed. @ The Trillium Apartments Melbourne

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