The other Gothic interior on Collins Street

Repost 22 September 2017:

Another #whichoneisbetter ? Wish I’d got there before the trees started sprouting – anyway, this #massiveedifice of #stonework was built for #nationalmutual in 1891. Originally stood alone and very vertical, since the queen street side was only 3 bays (the rest added in matching style in 1908). At 8 levels (130ft) it’s one of the two surviving #melbourne #VictorianSkyscrapers, the other is Stalbridge Chambers. Unusual application of the #gothicrevival to a tall building by Wright, Reed and Beaver from Adelaide, not famous, which explains the rather odd composition, and the teeny tower/spire thing.

Repost 10 May 2019:

The fantastic Gothic lobby of the first #NationalMutualBuilding (lately a BNZ) on the corner of Collins & Queen – designed by #WrightReedAndBeaver from Adelaide who won a competition, and it was completed in 1893, just in time for the big crash. The building was extended in matching style to the south in 1908, and I think the back half of this vaulted room is also an addition, which would explain why the vault is rectangular, not square, and why the red marble is different. Nice to see the original stair still there too, bluestone and cast iron up all 7 floors. Beaver came over to supervise the building and stayed, later forming a partnership with #ArthurPurnell in the 1910s.

Repost 4 September 2018:

Interiors of the #NationalMutual building, SW cnr Collins & Queen – the corner built 1893, doubled in matching style down Queen Street in 1903 – the insurance hall in that part is very elaborate ! Hard to see through the door and above some crazy curvy insert office space thing. Seem to recall it was always this interwar cream and gold colour scheme. The earlier 1893 hall on the corner is much plainer but still nice. A great survivor.

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