Flinders Lane penthouse

Repost from March 2018;

plus current sale images of the penthouse owned by John Denton of #dentoncorkermarshall, who’s owned it since 1991, and I’ve been to a party there, possibly that year, I don’t recall ! He bought it with #MorrySchwartz (#AnnaSchwartz took the ground floor as her gallery). They also bought the building next door, which they turned into the Adelphi. That’s them in the last image with #BarrieMarshall.

What I said in 2018: Great building pair, same widths, depth and nearly height, a function of lot sizes and subdivision and probably the #132ftheightlimit which was actually lower in the little streets; the #strippedclassical Toronto House on the left by the prolific brothers #TompkinsandTompkins from 1926, the right Yoffa House, 1937, by #JosephPlottel, who did lots of #StKildaFlats, as well as the #StKildaSynagogue. The yellow thing is a projecting pool (with glass bottom), added when it was converted in 1992 into the #AdelphiMelbourne, by #DentonCorkerMarshall during their sticks and primary colours period.

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