Crowded towers

Repost this day 2019:

Corner of Swanston & LaTrobe- I do worry on behalf of anyone who bought an apartment in the lower 10 or 20 floors of one the towers built first, only to see all the others emerge around them, sometimes less than 10m away, especially on dull days like much of this week, and it isn’t even winter yet. The slightly reflective glass means it doesn’t get too hot, but maybe you’d have to have the lights on most of the time. Regulations introduced last year make it harder to build so close, but still only mandate 10m gaps, not actual amount of light, so, you know, don’t be on the south side. I guess at least most occupants are overseas students who won’t mind it for a year or two, and in future the ones that are really boxed in might be actually cheap. Maybe 20 years from now the artists can move back into town ? Also I kind of like the look of them, it’s just, you know I wouldn’t want to have to live there, except if course the top 20 or 30 floors – plenty of choice given they’re all 50-80 floors.

2021 update : maybe a lot of these are empty right now, given the decrease in international students.

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