The future of Bennett’s Lane

Here’s a pretty crazy one – an office tower for the corner of #LittleLonsdaleStreet and #BennettsLane, approved in 2019, is this convoluted shape so as not to overshadow the recently created green space behind the #WesleyChurch between 1 and 2pm. You’d think it wouldn’t be commercially viable, but apparently it’s ‘boutique’. There’s some rather altered warehouses and one old house/shop that they were just going to demolish, and soon after were proposed to be part of an expanded #heritageprecinct, so now they’re going to keep some facades – something not allowed in the new guidelines, so this is obviously a compromise. The warehouses are already facades, except the corner one, which will go, not sure how much of the house they’ll keep, or what’s left, or even how old it is.

I don’t actually mind the weird shape, but I’d much prefer a setback after the low brick podium, rather than building straight up 10 floors right on litt lon, more or less. Also way too much development for a narrow lane, once a charming byway with a jazz club, now surrounded by towers. Architects @fjmtstudio.

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