Templestowe Presbyterian Modern

Repost this day 2018:

Not outstanding but the former #Presbyterian, now #ManninghamUniting, Church, by #KeithReid, was actually quite radical for 1962, with its solid, almost #brutalist expression of a plain volume with textured #clinkerbrick walls. The domestic style entry pergola and the rather suburban planting are a let-down, but help it blend in to the suburban street- perhaps that was the idea. The interior is surprisingly spacious, complete with balcony at one end, facing the entirely glazed end east wall (they’ve moved the altar to the side I think). The original windows are just plain #frostedglass, in plain aluminium frames, could’ve done with maybe stained glass or even clear, but perhaps cost was a major consideration here.

Keith Reid did a lot of churches in this period, his 50s ones more traditional, and 60s ones usually stylised gothic, but he also did more innovative designs.

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