Lost Modernism (and a winning ticket)

A very nice modernist house – that was put up in St Kilda Road as part of a raffle for the #QueenVictoriaHospital in 1958 !

It was designed by #BernardEvans (soon to be knighted and become Lord Mayor of Melbourne) but that’s all I know about it. No idea if the winner got to pick it up and put it in their block ? There is one that looks just like this one in Cromer Road Beaumaris – could that be it ? (Which is one of the few protected by a #HeritageOverlay, though it’s not in the 2010 study.)

Update : there was a house in park street moonee ponds that was much much closer, and put up immediately after the raffle was drawn ! But dem c2010 😢. Info and image Simon Reeves, Built Heritage.

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