Marion Mahoney Griffin

Posted 9 March 2021:

Since I totally neglected to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay yesterday, here’s something by our first female architect #MarionMahonyGriffin; the interiors of the #CapitolTheatreMelbourne are sometimes ascribed to her alone, but there’s no evidence Walter didn’t help (or rather it was a collaboration), and after all she wasn’t an interior designer, she was a qualified architect. Though she was more into the quasi-religious Anthroposophy than he was, and they were all about crystals and earth spirits, and the design certainly evolved that way from the early squared off faintly Vienna Secession design. Anyway, it’s great ! So lucky it’s (mostly) still there, and that RMIT went to huge effort in 2018-19 to restore it and relight with LEDs. I’m sure it’ll get a lot of use once we can all get together again.

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