Carlaminda, Moderne mansion in Toorak

The third important #Moderne house in the Toorak area is #Carlaminda, cnr Toorak and Lansell; looks like a block of flats but actually a big house taking up most of the block. Built in 1938, the architects were #RhysHopkins and Shannon.

It was built for Dr Fenton-Bowen who was a society GP who was prosecuted a couple of times for ‘causing a miscarriage’ but not found guilty. It wasn’t all backyards, a good dr could find a way around the laws, and follow up care too. B&W photos Graeme Butler from the 1982 before the high walls, and some #steelframedwindows replaced.

Hasn’t been sold for a long time, so only found a couple of interior pics- looks glam though, and intact !

2 thoughts on “Carlaminda, Moderne mansion in Toorak

  1. My father bought this house from the Fenton-Bowens in around 1977 & our family lived there for around 10 -15 years. Stunning home with amazing in-built cabinetry. Not sure if I still have many photos from our time there but happy to fill you in on features if required

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