Australia 108

I quite like the base of #Australia108, it’s quite surreal, all mirrored balconies supporting a lot of plants, a pretty good screen for the #carpark. And keeps your eye at ground level rather than making you crave your neck looking up at the 100 floors of shiny glass. The thinness of the preserved facade isn’t good, though it was already only a facade when this got approved back in 2016.

When Australia 108 was first proposed, I didn’t like it, I thought it was silly to have the ‘starburst’ half way up instead of a crown on top . But when it got up to near finished, I thought it actually works quite well – and that there was a definite dialogue with the previous tallest, Eureka. And that’s no coincidence, since both were designed by #FenderKatsilidis.

There was a recent article in Architecture.AU exploring this idea, noting that the both have gold highlights, and similar blue glass, both with white stripes, and a similar massing of a wider lower forms giving way to narrower upper section. Nice. The only problem is that the approved ‘Green Spine’ will be more or less between them. Interesting fact, it’s called 108 because it was going to have 108 floors but in the end it’s only got 100. Photos from the article by Peter Bennetts, others the internet, and some distant ones from a friend.

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