Preservation well done

Repost this day 2015:

One of the best examples of heritage retention while also building a tower – About 9 buildings were retained in full to form part of the podium of the 1992 #telstrahq #officetower by #PerrotLyonMathieson.

Once the centre of the notorious #littlelon #slum, the whole block was cleared except the outside edges in the 50s, then empty for decades until this was built.

An ideal way to keep your streetscape and building towers as well without resorting to facadism.

First pic on Lonsdale, two lovely late 19thC buildings, and one odd light industrial building from 1921, which they didn’t have to keep. 2nd image on Exhibition, an elegant 1891 warehouse/ office designed by #georgedelacyevans for a Mrs J Davies in exhibition street in a nice #redbrick semi #queenanne style. 3rd image the more so good 50 Lonsdale, by #JohnWardle, where the historic buildings are left sort of marooned instead of having new streetscape built adjacent. And got painted out blank grey.

At least they kept the nondescript 40s building which they didn’t have to, as well as the #heritagelisted 1850 #blackeaglehotel, one of the oldest buildings in the CBD.

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