Theosophical Society, 1937

Repost from 2014:

This is actually from last winter !

The Theosophical Society, 1937, Marsh and Michaelson. Suitably exotic for an esoteric organisation – #egyptianrevival style columns and a star of david on top. Actually, it’s ‘…the Sanskrit symbol Om above the whirling cross, and then the ouroboros surrounding an hexagram or David’s star with the Ankh or cross ansata inside.’

Don’t know what was going on at ground level in 2013, it had a ice shopfront built for Ralph Loren in about 2000, replaced by one for Balenciaga in 2019. And I remember the original simpler one, which was the Spaghetti Tree for age.

The upper floors were converted to flats c2000 so someone now living in the Theosophists meeting room and library, and there’s a very nice lobby.

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