Expressionist Gothic

Repost this day 2017 but photos 2018: Always thought this very unusual thing on #PuntRoad was an old funeral parlour, but no it was built as a church, in 1939 ! The #ApostolicChurch (an English Pentecostal movement apparently). May explain why looks like a wild gothicish theatre or public building rather than a church, plus it’s built to all the boundaries. The architect was #LEWarner, who thanks to the #DictionaryofUnsungArchitects I now know is best known for this design, when he was only 35, and who was probably inspired by the out there 1920s churches of US architect #BarryByrne, with a dash of German #brickexpressionism. Pity it’s lost its gothicy window tracery, a few bits left round the sides. Been offices for as long as I can remember. Nice inside originally too.

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