Melbourne Synagogue, 1930

Repost this day 2018:

The #MelbourneSynagogue was completed in 1930, in a conservative #NeoClassical (or is it Baroque) style, with a nice low #dome adding an eastern touch, but could easily be a grand church. Designed by #NahumBarnet, for which he came out of retirement when he was in his early 70s. Good site but pity they didn’t buy the shops that are sort of in front, or maybe faced the corner/ St Kilda Road. Also #damnedtrees. Built by the#MelbourneHebrewCongregration who had been in Bourke St since the 1850s, bit it was getting crowded out (now the site of #EquityChambers), so they chose somewhere central. I get the feeling though that a bit like the East Melb one, suffers a little in numbers since it’s now a long way from the centre of gravity of the Jewish population down Caulfield way. Great auditorium style interior. Nice postcard from the 1950s.

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