A woman architect in Toorak, 1926

Repost this day 2018:

#LittleMilton, 1926; an impressive, not little at all, #OldEnglish (#TudorRevival) house in upscale #Toorak. I’d heard of it, but didn’t realise that it was notable in part because it was designed by a ‘woman architect’, Muriel Stott, who then left for South Africa. What a pity. No other major works here, just some earlier bungalows.

Toorak in winter is a marvel, all the mansions visible behind the bare trees; but far far too many quite recent ‘French Provincial’ or poorly proportioned Neoclassical rubbish. More money than sense as my mother used to say !

Sold 2012 for $12m, just after the 12 car garage under the tennis court was built. Plus pool. Which apparently did away with the remnants of an Edna Waling garden.

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