Interwar variety, Ripponlea

Limerick Lodge, 1928, by the ever versatile #ArthurPlaisted; fantastic exaggerated Old English style, with very rough plastering, equally rough half timbering, leadlight as if broken and repaired, and an excellent gate. So cute. Brighton Road, cnr Maryville Street, Ripponlea #heritageprecinct. Cute inside too, with an original or maybe 50s, kitchen.

Montrose, a nice Spanish – Mediterranean villa on Brighton Road, Ripponlea – or it would be nice if not so neglected ! The carport concrete actually cracking up. Could be that it’s rented, or an elderly hoarding type occupant. Port Phillip does have dilapidation laws, but don’t know if ever enforced, and don’t apply especially to heritage listed places – and what do you do if they’re just old and poor ?

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