Gottlieb House, 1993

Repost this day 2019:

Yes it’s a bit of a #concretebunker but the 1993 #GottliebHouse in #CaulfieldNorth by #WoodMarsh has so much more presence and I guess integrity than every other ‘contemporary’ style house being built now. I like that the concrete is maturing into an almost organic rock formation with all that streaking, contrasting with the still shiny #stainlesssteel. And the living spaces actually face north like they should, across a bit of garden. That entry void stair is also a bold version of the glitzy spiral stairs so popular in 60s-70s houses in this are too. It was best house in the 1994 Victorian #architectureawards, and glad to see it hasn’t changed since it was built. Proud owners, still there. Interior photos by #MichaelWee.

2021 update : it has been proposed for #heritagelisting as part of the @cityofgleneira review, but even though the Gottliebs like it they opposed listing.

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