Lind House, Anatol Kagan, 1955

Repost this day 2018:

#LindHouse, #DandenongRoad, #NorthCaulfield, #AnatolKagan, 1955. Realestate pic, and today’s pic from the driveway; a #midcenturymodern delight. Undercroft, #creambricks, #butterflyroof, #glasscurtainwall, #stonewalling, loads if decorative features inside, parquetry, panelling, built in shelving, even padded bed head. You can almost forgive #heritagevictoria for describing it as a ‘collection of disparate elements’ and refusing to list – but really this is an old-school modernist attitude, that only purely modern-minimalist, or Robin Boyd’s ‘one idea carried through’, is ‘resolved’ – so immediately cancelling out anything that’s complex, fun, lush or decorative. Which is exactly the postwar often Jewish European ‘emigre’ architects and their clients liked, but was looked down upon by the architectural establishment of the time (though often featured in popular magazines). So glad the appeal to the Heritage Council was successful a couple of months ago, led by Glen Eira Council and ably argued by Simon Reeves.

2021 update : Not so glad that Glen Eira, having done a study into postwar places following this, is currently trying to backpedal and take out any place where the owners object – Councillors are politicians after all I suppose, but they could just let the process run its course. Many great images on line, from the sale and various articles and even a website (no author I could see).

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