Tram Shelter, Malvern

Repost this day 2019:

A wonderful bit of #streetfurniture on #BalaclavaRoad, #Caulfield. There’s three of this type of #TramShelter, all built in 196/17 by the #PrahranAndMalvernTramwaysTrust, the municipal body that built much of the tram system in the east and southeast suburbs in the 1910s so their spreading suburban citizens could get around. Built like a shop verandah without the shop, such a great idea, plenty of protection, you can see the tram coming, doesn’t interfere with pedestrians, lots of seating- let’s build more ! Ps why do we call them TramShelter ? Shouldn’t it be Passenger Shelter ? Guess its short for Tram Passenger Shelter. Saw an original drawing of one once, labelled ‘rest house’ 😁

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