Grand Collins Street Bank

Repost Aug 2017 + Sept 2018 :

Not quite what it seems – the #BankofAustralasiaCollinsStreet was built in 1876, designed by #ReedandBarnes ( #JosephReedArchitect) in #RenaissanceRevival “of plain but vigorous character” but only 2 floors- then in 1928-9 #AandKHenderson added three floors, one exactly matching, one setback and another attic floor, and rebuilt the interior with a much larger chamber. Another floor added in the 70s and another when converted to serviced apartments about 2001 (barely visible) now called #TreasuryonCollins (though it was never the treasury – that’s at the other end of collins street). Check out the man on the telegraph pole in the 1890s photo ! The chamber is a lofty classical space, nice details, including some retained tellers booths.

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