Salvation Army City Temple Bourke Street

Repost 2016, with lots of new old photos :

The #salvationarmy’s #citytemple in #bourkestreet.

Designed by #OakdenAddisonandKemp (with #billingandson), it was actually built in 1890 for the #YMCA who found they couldn’t keep up payments during the crash of the 1890s, so sold it to the salvos in 1895. The fabbo #castironverandah was lost some time in the 50s, and reinstated in 2011. Wonder if it said YMCA originally?

2021: my answer comes from the images from the Salvation Army Museum via FB- the earliest as the YMCA when it didn’t have a verandah, the Salvos added it, so didn’t really have to put it back, but I’m glad they did, it’s great (it was either that or restore the ground level, which they havnt done).

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