Ugly ? 15 Collins Street, 19710

Repost 2018:

The zipper pattern of 15 Collins Street, designed by #emigrearchitect #KurtPopper, 1970, now proposed to be #heritagelisted. Surprised to learn that this is a modification of the first version by #RoyGrounds, which had a random pattern and I think a better design except it wasnt set back. Built as #ownyourown #apartments back when it was a relatively new thing, and the only one in the city that wasn’t on Spring Street (only two actually), perhaps why it wasn’t successful and they were sold instead as #medicalsuites. Some are now used as apartments. (In second year #architectureschool we were asked to choose an #uglybuilding and a freind chose this one; I thought it wasn’t great but not ugly, except for the big blank east wall facing the treasury that was covered up a few years later by #No1CollinsStreet.).

2021: Had great patterned panels at first floor covered (or replaced) about 2001, more recently replaced with glass and screens that recapture them, a bit.

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