Trinity College chapel

Repost 2017:

#HorsfallChapel at #TrinityCollegeMelbourne, a great, possibly the best, and very early #ArtsandCraftsstyle Gothic church in Victoria. Designed principally by Alexander North of #NorthandWilliams, built 1912-1917. Love the simplified Gothic, slightly tapered solid forms in brick, with the main window occupying much of the facade. The junior partner #LouisWilliams went on to design many churches right into the 60s often repeating this general format. (Side note, I didn’t know it had a name other than Trinity College Chapel, but apparently Mr Horsfall, a partner of the great wool company #GoldsboroughMort ‘reluctantly’ donated many $ for its construction, in return for his nephew being admitted. Also, surprised it’s not on the Heritage Register). The interior is great, though without the lights on rather gloomy, and has a low brick bridge supporting a huge organ plonked in the middle separating the (short) ‘nave’ seating from the (long) choir and sanctuary (where I’m standing).

Update : the organ was originally in halves on the sides, so a little more light, this one installed 25 years ago, and in July 2021 has just been removed to be refurbished, and go back in two halves.

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