Cashmore/Alstons/Brunton Chambers

Repost 2017:

Cashmore’s Corner, also known as Alston’s Corner after the #Tobacconist who occupied the prime corner shop for many years in what was reputed to be Melbs first brick building of 1840. Replacement built 1904, looking even more vertical than now since the bay on the right was added in 1908. Lots of #artnouveau detail, unusual in Melb. Designed by the wonderfully inventive #NahumBarnet. In the 50s the corner #orielwindow and open #baldaccino on top, the #cornice, and the little #balconettes were all removed. But in 2000 they were all #restored (albeit in render over foam), and the upper floors, closed off since the 70s (I think), were converted to #apartments, architect Ken Eddleston with Nigel Lewis. In return they got to replace the single attic #mansard artists studio with two mansard levels, which distract a bit from the turret. At least I managed to get it changed from a stepped boxy thing. That project was by a descendant of the original Michael Cashmore, who built the 1840 building.

Repost 2017: #Ghostsign on the side of #AlstonsCorner (ne Eliz & Collins) from closeup thanks to @nowvoyager_ Seems Newman’s was a shop that was both jewellers and art gallery, and according to the ad, started in the 1850s (and that was from 1936, the last mention I found). In ’34 they had a showing of the Archibald Prize, and it was in 1930 that they ‘removed’ to 289 Collins Street, from near here, not sure where exactly, in Elizabeth Street.

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