Queensbridge Hotel, listed

Repost 2018:

The not amazing but not nothing #QueensBridgeHotel, 1927, #PeckandKempter, a nice #strippedclassical design, rather prefiguring Art Deco, and probably not long for this world. [2021 update: after a battle at Panel this did in fact get #heritagelisted late 2020]. Pretty sure way back in the 80s it was #heritagelisted, but it dropped out when #Southbank was transferred to the #CityOfMelbourne in 1997, and Southbank has only just been reviewed (finally); it’s recommended for listing, but the way-too-bulky 90 floor #CrownQueensbridge that would demolish it and the three adjacent buildings got a permit from the Minister early last year despite a lot of issues, but then again, they can’t sell the apartments, so it’s on hold. The hotel had a brief life as a giant dance club in the 90s; bad things happened, and it got closed, been empty ever since. [the permit for the hotel was not renewed when it lapsed in early 2019, yay !]

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