Flats on the edge

Repost 2019:

This small but cute Art Deco block on #HoddleStreet in #EastMelbourne has an odd splay and steps back down the side – not just to offer a nicer side garden, but in order not to build on the #HurstbridgeLine ! Which was connected to the city via this cutting and tunnel through a corner of East Melb in 1901 – it was built in 1888 and originally it just stopped at Victoria Park, where everyone got out and got the Johnston street cable car into town. (Or you could get out at Clifton hill and get the inner circle one round o Spencer street). The flats were built in 1940, and designed by #StuartHallArchitect, not known for much except Del Marie in St Kilda and the Granada Flats on Orrong Rd.

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