Corkman rebuilt !

The Corkman pub has been rebuilt ! But as an art work, 3/4 scale. Called ‘Distant Things Appear Suddenly Near’, by Irish artist, Sean Lynch, and funded by the City of Melbourne, it sits at the north end of University Square, facing the empty pub site, now a temporary park. This is temporary too, looks like it’s made of wood, and even held up by big tree trunks, perhaps from the dying trees of the park cut down a year or two ago (longer?). Not sure what it means, but makes me a bit sad, a ghostly reminder of what was. Meanwhile the developers have to pay big fines, but get to build something eventually, that only has to ‘refer’ to the pub. Rules have changed so fines are now much bigger, but there’s still no requirement to rebuild. Thanks @theoblankley for the pics (I’m still not great, barely getting out of the house).

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