Old Vintage Melbourne, 1960s-90s

A great Christmas present from @deddle8ug – it’s a bit odd though seeing things I remember called Old Vintage! Love the cover image, 1975- check out the Afro dude, and the paperboys pushing copies of the Herald (probably) ‘Heeer-ald !’; orange trams 1974, so new, so exciting, so hot in summer; Coles Variety 1975, for black skivvies in the 80s; Moomba 1972, so wonderful as a kid; City Square fountains 1980, so much rushing water; Howey Place sign 1982 (Graeme Butler), still there in the 90s, then disappeared; Allen’s neon sign 1972 (Mark Strizic), which I watched endlessly from flinders street station while waiting for trains. All photos @library_vic or @nationallibraryaus, except the Butler.

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