Liberty, Collins Street, grr

Original post 17 February 2018:

This building bugs me every time I see it- not because it’s bad architecture but because it was the first building after #plotratio was dumped in 1999, just as the apartment boom started, with lots of big buildings that went straight to the Minister (over 50,000sqm rule) and his department (or was it mary delahunty ?) didn’t ask the city of melbourne or ignored them, so things like setbacks and podiums were immediately unimportant. I was shocked when I first saw this, no setback at all on the #Collins street side, and a form that sort of bears down on pedestrians, and the bottom four floors are #carparking, sticking out a tiny bit over the footpath ! Pdiuns and plot Rayo reintroduced in 2016, and above ground carparking about to be banned (go @andy_fergus!) Architects #elenbergfraser and it’s called Liberty. @ Southern Cross railway station

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