Ripponlea village shops

Original post 19 February 2019:

Nearly all the shops in #RipponleaVillage were built 1916-19, so they’re all a similar style, Edwardian with some #ArtsandCrafts leaning, and all #redbrick, the north side has 3 rows of 6 that are very plain, but there’s a few standouts, like this corner number, very #EdwardianFreestyle, the arched one next door, and the nice #clinkerbrick one next to that. @ Ripponlea, Victoria

The #RipponleaVillage includes this great set of 6 intact #shopfronts; they look 30s to me, much later than the Edwardian buildings themselves. Love the colours – who would think of combining cream orange and black these days ??? @ Ripponlea, Victoria

2 thoughts on “Ripponlea village shops

  1. Surely that run of shopfronts in Ripponlea must be in the running for the ugliest, most gloomy and most unloved in the area. I suspect even when new they looked uninspired and unwelcoming.


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