Repat clinic, St Kilda Road

Original post 23 February 2017:

RepatriationClinic, #StKildaRd, #GeorgeHallendal, 1937. Built as an outpatients clinic, this is one of a series of army buildings, mostly drill halls, built at the time in Victoria. All designed by Hallendal, they are all variations of a brick #ArtDecoClassical style, some more classical, others more stylised (let’s call it #Moderne). This one has simple blocky forms, but quite highly detailed classical elements. Built next to the grand Victorian bluestone #VictoriaBarracks, it was apparently criticised by famous artist #ArthurStreeton (who in his later years was a defender of Melbourne’s character) for not being also made of bluestone (and in fact the barracks #bluestonewall) was rebuilt further in to allow this site to have a street frontage). Closed and empty for over 20 years, the Dep of defence is putting it up for sale, and no-one’s sure if it’s safe.

Update 2023 : it had been announced in 2020 that it would house AVNAM (Australian National Veterans Arts Museum) an art gallery / studios for the returned services, but in late 2022 the Dep of Defence said they’d use it for meeting rooms. At least it’ll be fixed up.

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