Edwardian Baroque in Bourke Street

Original post 25 February 2021:

The earliest part of #BuckleyAndNunn (since 1988 David Jones) was built in two stages, 1911-12, which architects #BatesSmartMcCutcheon just doubled up, but then why not ? Looks fine, and a relative rare for MLB example of #EdwardianBaroque, which those interesting blocky columns, and some delightful mosaic work. In 1933 they decided to expand by adding two floors to one half only for some reason- where they kept to a conservative style, whereas the menswear addition to the side went all modernistic. My photos from 2018, early photo from @heraldsunphoto_retro prob from 1912), sketch of addition from ‘Bates Smart 150 years’, and the long view is a postcard from the @library_vic

2 thoughts on “Edwardian Baroque in Bourke Street

  1. Hi Rohan my memory is that Buckley & Nunn closed in 1982 and there was a brief period of stripping out and it reopened as Devid Jones the same year


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